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Dvnny Seth - Prespliffs Vol. II

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Uploaded 02/13/2013
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Featured INDY Re-Release

Introducing Dvnny Seth... the young white rapper out of London. Dvnny isn't your typical 'white rapper' though... think A$AP meets Slick Rick. Taking his influences from all over the US - North South East and West, Dvnny truly is a hip-hop all rounder offering something fresh and unique. Watch out for his exclusive fashion line Boadicea, dropping next year too. PRESPLIFFS are the prequal EPS to his forthcoming mixtape/album TEASPLIFFS, you can find all of dvnnys previous music and videos and his website:

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8:37 PM May 22, 2013 Madmaxmad said:

i think we have a hit record
10:09 PM March 21, 2013 yoloonthisearth said:

lmfaooo this dude thinks hes tyga!
12:32 PM March 21, 2013 tillamonsta said:

tape bangs.. Dvnny got next
10:14 PM March 20, 2013 breakfastordieslow said:

st8 trash
12:59 PM March 20, 2013 pesh22 said:

Love This Tape!!!!
9:36 AM March 18, 2013 fatboyskinny said:

TRASHHH Type in "L-bee" in the search bar i just found this dude and hes dope as ****kkk
2:21 PM March 14, 2013 imjustbeingreal said:

lol trash your killin hiphop my g
2:16 PM March 14, 2013 irishspringfever said:

payed for views and votes no way anyone is feeling this wack **** bruh