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Logic - Young Sinatra: Undeniable

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Uploaded 05/04/2012
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5:56 PM April 27, 2015 GUnot33333 said:

On my B Day i found This Dope Mixtape Glad i found it. #Salute Logic
4:54 PM April 10, 2015 123rigo said:

10:10 PM January 3, 2015 shahkuri said:

it's pretty cool he did a part 3 to dead presidents from j cole's mixtape, and set the tone's beat is kinda of like get it from j cole too.
12:24 PM March 9, 2014 nikainoa said:

LOGIC, You're a legend
11:07 PM November 30, 2013 hed said:

Aye Girl!!
3:34 PM November 25, 2013 ctownassns said:

Dead presidents 3 is currensy mary he sound like a doper diggy
4:25 PM October 30, 2013 jbrown_2306 said:

i prey he doesnt get signed, he should stay independant
2:47 AM October 24, 2013 CooleyWitt via Mobile:

Man I'm glad I found Logic. He dope af. I pray to god he gets signed.