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Caskey - No Complaints

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Uploaded 04/20/2012
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2:58 AM December 1, 2014 Pranayama via Mobile:

His voice and style remind me of Drake and Kendrick. MF got bars.
6:57 PM May 8, 2014 pienman said:

i been was supposed to download his stuff... finally got around to it! i saw him on #youtube & thought i'd check into his work
3:26 AM December 9, 2013 major282 said:

Goin Innnn!
5:52 PM June 24, 2013 pleasure0892 via Mobile:

2 hard
11:18 AM June 4, 2013 leitner15 said:

@Jlg420yea if you didnt notice he said nigga and the whole track is about how people let words effect eachother go watch baking with cakey he strraight raps it in front of his BLACK friends
5:21 AM May 24, 2013 Zewg via Mobile:

Hardest white rapper of 2013. Can hear the passion & pain in his delivery.
3:55 PM February 23, 2013 Pattylight via Mobile:

Yo dumb *** that was the entire point of the song you stupid piece of ****.
8:56 PM February 16, 2013 Jlg420yea said:

This was so dope but then tracxk 5 and he said nigger ****it all up for me forget the message its wack now