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Migos - Juug Season

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Uploaded 08/25/2011
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9:42 AM April 14, 2014 kkill45 said:

@griffith1d Migos is from Northside ( Gwinnet ) dumbass people don't even know where they from
2:44 PM February 18, 2014 brandonzz said:

Damn this is when Migos were broke as ****. But now atleast they can afford to look fly and have fun. #SALUTE
1:41 AM January 19, 2014 countinmoney said:

too much damn autotune on god
12:20 AM November 24, 2013 charlie19 said:

The Migos Start Since End Of 2011.
2:02 PM November 12, 2013 Death2011 said:

9:08 PM October 10, 2013 mrkrazyatl via Mobile:

they was just starting out with this they pass out 5,000 just on the northside of atlanta
7:06 AM August 26, 2013 DBz13 said:

Boy these niggas go hard y'all tripping dis better then they new **** u beta listen a couple times trust me
10:08 PM August 25, 2013 griffith1d via Mobile:

These niggaz from Athens but in da good part it's plenty hoodz in Athens **** what dat Nigga dwn there said and quavo use to be a lil ***** gettin chumped out