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Young Thug - I Came From Nothing

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Uploaded 06/08/2011
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10:44 AM February 13, 2014 devell0 said:

Wow so you telling me if you copy Waynes style your considered good this nigga wack smfh the stuff you niggas listen to now a days straight **** I feel bad for you all!!
7:06 PM January 13, 2014 FleeGunnaRiich said:

**** wayne nigga thugga better and realer
3:11 AM December 29, 2013 1017thug said:

Young Thug in dis ***** 100 bandz
1:26 AM December 20, 2013 nikezaetoven said:

Lil wayne
1:26 AM December 20, 2013 nikezaetoven said:

He sounded like too much on this
10:29 PM November 10, 2013 JimmyOnDecc said:

i started from the first day release of thug 1017 and knew what time it was when i saw that loaded video w/ longway. i said whoa SHID!! I gotta KETCHUP!!! Imma keep gettin twisted to this nigga. WORD
10:35 PM October 11, 2013 zoser617 said:

this where it started
10:54 PM May 31, 2013 don_2319 said:

you ugly as **** fam but talented take off on em