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Billie Slum - Slum International 2 (Executive Decisions)

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Score: -3
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Uploaded 03/29/2011
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11:17 PM November 29, 2012 JackWhite said:

Dat... Boy... BBBBBIIIILLLLLIIIEEE!!!!!!!!!! SSSSLLLLLUUUMMMM!!!!!!!!!! CTE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! Boo Rossini and 2Eleven!
12:05 PM October 26, 2012 tightwad111 via Mobile:

478 stand up.... Slum my nigga... Rns
6:56 PM January 9, 2012 JayWills7 said:

can somebody upload his Slum International mixtape, tha first one "Louisiana Love" Free Lil Boosie
10:57 AM April 10, 2011 mixtapecannibals said:

Hate all u want but that got him here and elevate your game and get on Slum. He masacre every track on here. Reppin Mac-Town to the fullest. Salute and signing off....... Tootman
8:19 PM April 4, 2011 lafelthitz said:

If you ain't feelin' this, ya playing ya self!
7:12 PM March 31, 2011 teddy89 said:

man this **** good as idk what...just give it time for yall to break out ya musical cell'll find out..this nigga puttin you on..
10:18 AM March 30, 2011 xX420RJXx said:

track 2 is the only good track
9:39 AM March 30, 2011 HBone said:

Certified is the only track worth gettin, rest average