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Machine Gun Kelly - Lace Up

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Uploaded 11/18/2010
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November 18th! @ Noon! |

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Machine Gun Kelley - Lace Up Mixtape Back Cover

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3:20 PM October 3, 2014 jer_bear91 said:

Machine gun Kelly is the best rapper of all time. Ima Cleveland boy myself #LTFU YOU THE GREATEST MGK
11:40 AM June 24, 2014 555mallorycaldwell said:

2:29 AM November 17, 2013 skuff said:

11:30 AM May 5, 2013 djwillrock76 said:

They took Black Flag off again this **** needs to drop .. I swear Kells is my favorite rapper ever but he dont drop this ish .
12:29 PM April 26, 2013 bigboi20 said:

you all say mgk says real thougts and em dont??? my mind em and mgk the same if rap was the same now as when em came out they would both be the best no lie.
3:56 PM April 18, 2013 Stud1985 via Mobile:

Em and Kelly both white the only similarity yi mean give Em his props y'all niggas bugging Kelly hot doe dwnloading
6:41 PM March 21, 2013 Hitman_JT via Mobile:

Eminem talked about killing his wife... Mgk spits real thoughts and feelings.. MGK has my Vote!
7:28 PM March 11, 2013 djwillrock76 said:

Lace Up EST. 19XX