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Doe Boy - Since 1994

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Uploaded 10/31/2010
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16 year old artist Doe Boy is making his debut 10-31 releasing the new mixtape "Since 1994". The young rapper is co-signed by 1017 Brick Squad's own Wooh Da Kid, Lex Luger, Tay Don A.K.A Tay Beatz, Southside On The Track & more. Be expecting a lot from this young artist, this is just the beginning!

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9:34 PM March 1, 2012 sorwick said:

this is really bad quality tape.. not gona DL.. why such crappy sound?
9:01 PM October 13, 2011 BigBaseProductions said:

nigga raw..
3:29 AM August 21, 2011 crackhead1017 said:

This dude go ham
4:12 PM August 14, 2011 BklynBoi666 said:

Damn this kid is the ****, to think a 16 year old kid is keeping ti real for us
1:54 PM June 28, 2011 ladakid1017 said:

Damn this nigga younger than me, i wish i could lex on a track for me, i'll go hard myself lol This dude is straight his new mixtape might be a lil better but this one cool
12:41 PM June 28, 2011 YGJimmy said:

this lil nigga goin hard tho
6:38 AM June 28, 2011 itsDJDA said:

I aint gonna download it because of quality of mp3, will be waiting for dat mixtape with Lex Luger
6:38 AM June 28, 2011 itsDJDA said:

mayne, please buy urself a microphone and find out good enginner to mix and master Ur music. and please dont upload a mixtape in low quality. errthing else is good.