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Black Boy Da Kid - Next Batter Up

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Score: 27
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Uploaded 08/24/2010
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2:52 PM April 9, 2015 razhad1017 via Mobile:

Yal know this Rich The Kid right?
12:43 PM November 25, 2013 Wilkinson27 said:

LMFAO What the **** is this peter pan man doing makin mixtapes???
11:10 PM January 15, 2012 jrobd said:

Nice Mixtape fagget ! Only song i could stand was "Suck Me Up" The rest was *** on a stick just like your dumb *** lisp ***** *** nigga
12:49 AM December 2, 2011 help3515 said:

DAM bro!!!! they don't like your ***!!!!!!! WOW!!
2:04 PM September 15, 2011 southsidedagod said:

Yall **** niggas get off my lil homie fo I come see yall my location is in spicewood
2:12 PM April 27, 2011 22danjames said:

git chekin your raps are wake git rapin git freestylez you suck Black Boy Da Kid
5:02 AM March 19, 2011 DeeMonet said:

was locked up wit dude >>>he is a fake rapper cat that dont take showers >>>>do the peanut butter DANCE KID ...LOL I C U
4:54 PM February 2, 2011 chrisnfreezy said:

no skill needed! anyone can upload a mixtape to this ******** site! niggas falling off! somebody cut dis fool!