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Les - Settle 4 Les

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Score: 397
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Uploaded 01/03/2010
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11:41 PM June 19, 2013 crunkpopeye said:

he need to rerelease this
3:48 AM May 18, 2013 CamCam18 said:

This nigga need to be on mainstream Rt cuzz..214 D-Town Cliff TX!! This Nicca Underrated!!
8:45 PM December 16, 2012 kcuhc said:

Le$ ain't getting that respect like he should...Very underrated in this rap game...I Love This mixtape...I don't have a favorite track b/c all of em ridin.
1:32 AM October 10, 2012 FukaUsernameBruh said:

I dont know if this his best mixtape but its some of the realist **** i've heard in a min. Le$ keep it trill bruh hope you dont change for that money
10:16 AM August 2, 2012 cheef1 said:

his best mixtape. i knew this dude was bound to blow when i heard this
4:11 PM July 4, 2012 jknox25 said:

Votes need to be through the roof on this rite here.. A mixtape classic
12:17 AM May 21, 2012 anibal16 said:

Home boy right here underrated
12:14 AM May 8, 2012 trillmackoy said:

im like cgould01, i been sleep on homie